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Friends & Sponsors

The Southern California Brass Consortium gratefully acknowledges the following friends and corporate sponsors for their support:


The Blackbaud Giving Fund (Boeing)
Community Action Team (CAT),
The Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Major League Music, Inc.
The Port of Long Beach
Southern California Chapter of the Employees Community Fund of Boeing

CONDUCTOR'S CIRCLE ($5,000.00 and above, yearly donation):

Robert Kerstein
Marcus Lussier and Jair Jimenez
Erik Spitznagel and Robert Tuckman

DIAMOND ($2,500.00-$4,999.99, yearly donation):

John and Lori Loftus
Nicholas Olson

EMERALD ($1,500.00-$2,499.99, yearly donation):

C. Leonard Coduti (in memory of Carmen L. Coduti)
The Peterson Family (in memory of Will & Elaine Peterson)
Kyle P. Robinson and Lauren Franklin

PLATINUM ($1,000.00-$1,499.99, yearly donation):

Kathy Coduti (in memory of Carmen L. Coduti)
Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan (in memory of Durand Baker, percussionist)
John and Barbara Brown
Stephen Spiegel

GOLD ($500.00-$999.99, yearly donation):

Jeffery and Judy Bruland
Philip M. Fagan
Patrick J. Fisher
Helen Haig
Joseph and Jan Hower
Marnos Lelesi
Evelyn Meacham
Sharon Meigs
Paula R. Moore
Felita Collier Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. David Ploen
Calvin and Ann Poissot
Hector Salazar
Sandra A. Spallino

SILVER ($250.00-$499.99, yearly donation):

Brad Duerre and Brad Miyasato
Mari Haig
Alexander Howard
Richard and Darlene Lunde
Narciso and Mary-Janice Rodriguez
Irma Ruiz
Suzanne Silver Nastaskin
Richard and Shahrnaz Terrell
F. Dane Teter
Phillip and Ellisha Westin

BRONZE ($100.00-$249.99, yearly donation):

Barbara Arms
Rev. Dr. Merle V. Bailey
Michael and Genise Battaglia
Victoria Carr
Robert and Teresa Castle
Harold Chancellor
Gordon Cohn
Kurt Curtis
Janet Eaton
Doug and Florence Ferguson
Rossano Galante
Joseph Gargaro
Kathleen Hansen
Christina Kahler
Jeralyn Lambourne
John Arcos and Janet Leonards
Amie Ma
Jannet Malig
Patricia Matsubara
Jeanette Moon
Michael and Wendy Naylor
George Reiss
Betty Reynolds
Stephen and Marjorie Richards
Rebecca Rutkowski
David and Sadie Sacks
Jim Self
Robert and Janice Tukua
James Waggener
Diane E. Yglecias

FRIENDS ($25.00-$99.99, yearly donation):

Gwen Butterfield
Cynthia A. Clark
Karl and Marilyn Forsstrom
Rev. Erika Gara
Paul Garman
Sharon Huddleston
Georgia Klinkers
Christine Lopez


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